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Our Partners & Affiliations

Viva Green Homes is changing the real estate industry to a more comprehensive, data-driven industry that includes the fastest growing sector, eco homes!  And we doing this side by side with our partners and affiliations. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about becoming a partner.


This has been one of Viva Green Homes' longest working partner relationships. We strongly support their educational efforts to promote Net Zero Energy homes. VivaGreenHomes.com is one of the most comprehensive resources for providing active NZE home listings for buyers while also providing sellers a national platform to accurately market their premium listings. 

Zero Energy Project is a non-profit educational organization whose goal is to help home buyers, builders, designers, and real estate professionals take meaningful steps towards radically reducing carbon emissions and energy bills by building zero net energy homes and near zero energy homes. We envision the day when positive energy homes, which produce more energy than they consume, will power electric vehicles as well as homes, so that everyone can live well with less expense and without fear of energy price spikes, while greatly reducing our carbon emissions.

We're excited to partner with Passive House Institute US to help provide VGH website users more information, accurate listings and market transparency about the value of third party certifications. 

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to making high-performance passive building the mainstream market standard. PHIUS is transforming the building sector by developing and promoting North American specific standards, practices, and certifications for buildings, professionals, and products to create structures that are durable, comfortable, healthy, resilient, and super energy efficient. Founded in 2003, PHIUS has trained over 2,000 architects, engineers, energy consultants, energy raters, and builders in the passive building standard. The organization is the leading passive building research and information provider in North America. PHIUS released the climate-specific PHIUS+ 2015 Passive Building Standard, developed under a US Department of Energy grant in partnership with Building Science Corporation, in March of 2015. To date, PHIUS+ Certified and Pre-Certified projects total more than 1.1 million square feet across 1,200 units nationwide.

The partnership between Viva Green Homes and Geostellar offers a unique experience for current and future homeowners who want to go solar. Visit 
Geostellar now and receive $250 off your solar installation. Use "Viva" promo code. 

Geostellar specializes in solar panel cost comparison, letting users get an instant solar assessment of their home. Homeowners are guided through the solar experience by their own Solar Guide whose combination of extensive knowledge of the industry and extensive resources available makes going solar as easy as signing. The company has been in business since February 2010 and is driven with the mission to improve lives on Planet Earth.

Viva Green Homes is a member of 1776 at its Arlington, VA Crystal City location. 

1776 is a global incubator and seed fund helping startups transform industries that impact millions of lives every day—education, energy & sustainability, health, transportation and cities.

Providing and expanding resources for VGH users is at the heart of our company. Our partnership with Rate It Green expands and promotes the exchange of information and resources in the green building industry. 

Rate It Green is a directory, network, and information resource for the green building industry.  Through product and service listings, client reviews, and open conversations, Rate It Green helps individuals and companies find green building products and services, while also helping product manufacturers and service providers reach new clients.  Rate It Green welcomes all green builders, from beginners to seasoned experts, and for both residential and commercial projects.  Individual Membership and Basic Company Listings are FREE of charge.

We are excited to partner with Savenia Labs, principally with their residential solar system appraisals. VivaGreenHomes.com offers "Solar Marketing Package" in our paid services to agents and sellers who have a solar panel system so that they can evaluate the added value that their solar system brings to the home's market resale value. Through the VGH website you can begin the process of ordering a solar system appraisal in our paid services section and when the solar system evaluation is completed you will receive a Savenia verification logo on VivaGreenHomes.com.

Built Green provides builders and consumers with easy-to-understand rating systems, which quantify environmentally-friendly building practices for both remodeling and new home construction, communities and multi-family development projects. These systems and the holistic certification framework demystify green building, showcase a variety of strategies, and provide a flexible path for builders to certify their projects.

Built Green is designed to help home buyers and renters find a variety of quality homes and apartments that also safeguard their health, that of their families and the Northwest environment. Built Green homes provide their dwellers with comfortable, durable, environmentally-friendly homes that are cost-effective to own and operate. These resource-efficient homes are crafted to exceed building codes and provide homeowners and renters with years of healthy, quality living, while promoting sustainable communities and protecting the environment.
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Viva Green Homes is honored to be an alumnus of Mentor Capital Network

Mentor Capital Network and Bethesda Green are once again partnering to accelerate the growth of sustainable businesses in the Greater DC Metropolitan Area! This collaboration will support green entrepreneurship by providing access to mentor capital, which will help participating startups develop investment-ready business plans and practice their pitch to investors.

Entrepreneurs provide exciting new ideas and receive feedback and a chance to build deep mentoring relationships.

Mentors provide “mentor capital” in the form of feedback and mentoring, and receive the knowledge of what their peers are thinking from different perspectives, as well as a chance to work with entrepreneurs who truly appreciate them.

Investors provide the financial companies, and they get to learn which companies are a good fit for them both quickly and deeply through the perspectives of the mentor team supporting the entrepreneurs.

Viva Green Homes is proud to be a 2016 Southeast Regional winner and a National Business Award Recipient and Finalist with Cleantech Open

Cleantech Open is a global accelerator for early-stage clean technology startup companies. We run an annual six-month program to connect startups with the incredible people, resources, and visibility to help them succeed.

Contact us to discuss potential partnerships or sponsorships. info@vivagreenhomes.com