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Online marketing

1. Existing and new listings
2. Banner Ads

Check out our Custom Marketing for solar home systems-- showcasing a system's value to potential home buyers.

Contact Us if you have questions or ideas for marketing your company, service, or property listing. 


Listing packages

Upgrade Your Existing or New Listing with Online Market

 All marketing for listings are located in the Optional Marketing Section.
Add a new listing and once you've activated it, you can chose and pay for your marketing package. Or login to your existing account, go to "My Listings" and select the dollar sign ($) icon to view the marketing options for your listing

Silver Package *

Lift up listing in city search
Highlight listing
Slide show photos
Social media share to Facebook and Twitter  

Price $25 for 60 days

Gold Package *


Featured listing 
Lift up in city search results
Highlight listing
Slide show photos
Social media share to Facebook and Twitter

Price $50 for 60 days marketing

Featured listing 

Your listing is on the home page
Social media share to Facebook and Twitter

Price $25 for 60 days marketing

LOGIN  or ADD A NEW LISTING Choose your marketing package under the " Optional Marketing Services" section after you Activate the listing

Other Marketing Options: 

Banner Ad Options*

We have options for banner ad placement on homepage, listing pages, profiessional and content pages.
Contact us to learn more about your options and our prices. 


Solar Home Marketing Package

Provides you with a marketing materials customized to showcase the potential value of the home's solar system.
Example: Show that your solar system adds $15,000 in market value to the home. 


1. Documentation for lenders, appraisers,  agents and buyers
2. Marketing materials to use at open houses
3. Verification  label and detailed inforamtion of your solar rating next to your listing
4. Guarantee from Savenia Labs

Gets started by reviewing our Custom Marketing for more information on the Solar Home Marketing option.  


Contact us to request the service that you'd like for marketing.  

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