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The Green Gab

Podcast interview by Marla Esser Cloos and bio by Jasmine Royal March 16, 2018 
Kari’s background is in International Sustainable Economic Development and she loved the idea of preserving rainforests, making sure southeast Asia is developing more sustainable, and natural resources aren’t being plundered in other countries. She also realized we have a consumption problem here in the US at home. The US consumes three times the global average, meaning our consumption really has a global impact. So, she got into the real estate industry because of her great passion for homes and buildings.

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Interview with Kari Klaus in Prague  

Source www.podnikavazena.cz  12 January 2018, 09:48

"Department of State US Speaker and Founder of Viva Green Homes, Kari Klaus, sat down in Prague with Kristina Šedivá for an interview about starting a tech company. This article was originally published on the Czech Republic media website PODNIKAVÁ ŽENA 
Kari found a gap in US market and started her online project VIVA GREEN HOMES – environment friendly real estate platform and website
  Kari Klaus came to Prague to present her start up company, Viva Green Homes www.VivaGreenHomes.com at a sustainability focused start up summit through the American Embassy. She is one of the young entrepreneurs who was able to find a gap in American market..."   

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Buyers should be wary of houses that are marketed as energy-efficient

Source: Washington Post 

The practice is called “greenwashing,” and home shoppers need to be on guard: It means a house is being marketed as environmentally friendly and energy-saving when it doesn’t deserve that description...
Kari Klaus, chief executive and founder of Viva Green Homes of Arlington, Va., a new national listing portal exclusively for “eco-friendly” homes, says “greenwashing is a growing problem — clearly there’s a desire to jump on the train and use buzzwords” such as “green,” “sustainable” and “high-efficiency,” too often with little to back up the claims.

Her website (at vivagreenhomes.com) carries free listings for homes certified by HERS, LEED, Energy Star, Built Green, NetZero and other programs as well as for noncertified homes that have some green features such as solar panels, geothermal systems, energy-efficient windows and doors, water conservation devices, etc.

When noncertified homes are listed on the site, the seller or agent must check off boxes indicating which green features the property offers. Viva Green Homes then produces a “Green Score” ranging from one to five stars to give potential purchasers a rough idea of how green the house is..."

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  This column was syndicated in The Chicago Tribune and numerous columns across the country.  

5 Environmentally Safe Actions That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Source: Huffington Post

...Recently, the Institute for Market Transformation released astudy  showing a positive correlation between home energy efficiency and curb appeal. On average, high-performance homes are valued at a premium of 3.46 percent more than non-high performance homes. Some were even valued as high as 6% to 7.7% more. That equated to between $10,343 to $53,000 that buyers were willing to pay for a high-performance home over a standard performance home.   What does this mean for you, the enterprising homeowner who wants to reduce their footprint? It means that renovations designed to improve the efficiency of your home can also boost its resale value. Here’re some actions to get started.        1. Get an energy audit  2. Spend an afternoon at the hardware store
 3. Install energy efficient windows
 4. Power your home with renewable energy

...There’s even a search engine to find certified homes for sale called Viva Green Homes. That will be useful if you’d like to do a bit of competitive analysis to determine what ratings are typical in your area.
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Green Connections Radio

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a home, apartment, condo, or townhouse, historically you’ve had to ask a lot of questions to find out about the home’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Meet Kari Klaus of Viva Green Homes, a new home listing service that is changing that.       Listen to Green Connections host Joan Michelson’s engaging conversation with Kari about how to buy or rent a “green” home no matter where you’re located, what to look for, and pitfalls.       You’ll learn about:       “Green-washing” – or exaggerated claims in listings       How their rating system works       Tips for buying or renting a green home/apartment       And more! 


Elemental Green

Source: elementalgreen.com 21 August 2016, 19:13

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive sites specifically for eco and energy-efficient home listings, averaging approximately 4,000 active listings nationwide. Have some very specific green home specifications in mind? Viva Green Homes’ search engine offers checkboxes for prized home features such as LEED-certified, EnergyStar, solar, net-zero, and more. In addition, the homes are rated with a custom Viva Green Score (1-5) to help illustrate how green and efficient the homes are. On Viva Green Homes, you’ll find eco-friendly homes with a variety of Viva Green scores in a variety of price ranges.

Startup Monday: Viva Green Helps Home Buyers Find Eco-Friendly Houses

Source: arlnow.com 

When Arlington real estate agent Kari Klaus decided to renovate her home to make it more energy efficient, she stumbled upon a problem. Klaus, whose background is in sustainable development, realized that the traditional real estate property listing system doesn’t showcase or market environmentally friendly features for homes, making her house appear similar to others that aren’t energy efficient.

From working in the real estate business, she knew that home buyers care about how eco-friendly their future home will be. “Wouldn’t you want to know if the home you are thinking of buying has superior systems, a tight building envelope (sealed to prevent air leaks) with solar panels and will save you potentially hundreds of dollars each and every month?” Klaus said. But there was no understandable and reliable way to rank, search and view energy efficient homes, Klaus said.
That’s where VivaGreenHomes.com comes in.

“VivaGreenHomes.com shows you that these options exist and explains their importance to you as a home buyer,” Klaus said. “If a home’s environmental or health value has not won you over, then the potential to save you a lot of money will.” She said her company changes the game because other real estate listing services aggregate home listings without any verification procedures. VivaGreenHomes.com uses claim verification methods, including a “Home Energy Rating System” score, an industry standard for eco-friendly homes. ..."

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