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Buying or selling a high performance eco home can be rewarding in so many ways, however this typically means that you will need to put in the extra elbow grease to find professionals who understand these properties.

Professionals who work with properties that have renewable energy or specialty features know that these properties not only should be marketed to showcase them, but also know that there may be additional steps along the way to ensure an accurate appraised value and all the necessary sale's contract addenda to complete the transaction.

Below find tips on how to find the right service provider, to finance a new property or tips on how to access grants and tax incentives to help with renovating or replacing systems in an existing property.   


Real Estate Agents

Search for professionals who have experience and credentials working with eco, energy efficient and smart properties. 

Financing Options

Lenders who process loans for eco and energy efficient homes. 

Appraisals Learn more from the Appraisal Institute 

Grants and incentives from states and local governments 

Tax Incentives, Loans, Grants and Rebate. Financing Residential Energy Efficiency Upgrades & Properties

Eco & The Real Estate Industry

Market Value of solar, geothermal, energy efficiency and more. Will your solar system improve the market value when it comes time to sell? 

Solar Systems: Understanding which one is the best for your property and why

6 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Before Buying a Green Homes

Get inspired by these homes from the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017

8 Improvements for an Eco-Friendly Remodel

Get Your Money's Worth: Energy efficient upgrades without breaking the bank

Marketing Your Eco Property: Materials, Online Features and more

How to Host a Solar Home Open House

How to Sell a Certified Green Home

Sustainable high-rise buildings 

Innovation will alter the real estate industry starting with design, renewable energy, and energy efficiency 

Real Estate’s Big Gap

Environmental Protection Agency's List of Green Terms What's a HERS score? What does SIP mean? 

Information on how to become an eco expert: Convinced you are ready to become an expert in eco real estate? Here are a few certifications you should consider to enhance your professional career in the growing eco real estate industry.

Types of eco homes Certifications, systems, and design features, eco is a complicated world. We try to break it down.


Livability Search Categories on the website.

Search homes by the features that matter to you most. Learn more about the Livability icons and what they mean to their potential to improving the livability in your next property. 

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