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Livability Search Categories

Innovation and technology are a growing part of the real estate industry. Our search categories break down how property owners can benefit from features and certifications; cost savings, healthy homes, sustainability and more. 


Renewable Energy Homes 

Homes that use all or even a portion of its energy consumption from energy that is not depleted, like solar, wind, geothermal. 


Homes that have features in them that will reduce utility costs and/or ownership costs. 


Energy Efficient 

Specifically features that ensure that less energy is used in the home for its heating, cooling or functions.


Healthy Homes 

Homes focused on ensuring minimal toxins, that could potentially have an effect on an inhabitant’s health. 


Natural Homes 

Homes constructed from natural materials. 

Unique Homes 

Unconventional types of homes by design, structure materials or size. 

Eco - Certified 

Homes that have received a third party certification or energy score