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Solving real estate's big issue

One of the biggest issues facing the real estate industry is simply keeping up with the newest technology and advanced building techniques that are being unveiled each year. 

When these technologies are added to properties, the real estate industry must find a way to understand how they affect the property's market value, how to adjust real estate transactions and how buyers can get the education and resources they need to purchase properties with these features and building techniques. 

We are solving one the largest and fastest growing issues in real estate  --  incorporating eco, energy efficient and smart properties into the real estate marketplace.  

> We are working to market and record these features.

> Learning more about the affect of these features on the market value and passing along this information to buyers, property owners and the industry.

> Property owners can make more informed decisions about possible return on their investment when they remodel and upgrade. The industry will benefit from understanding how well their products and services are doing across the country. Buyers will gain more insights into how these features and building techniques improve their lifestyle. Buyers may even be willing to pay a premium for them upfront knowing that some features may save them money in the long run. 

> A data-driven website that helps to fill the marketing gaps of local multiple listing services. 

> Combat greenwashing and create more uniformity for buyeres with our 1-5 stars score.

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The Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are not adequate

What is Green Worth? Unveiling High-Performance Home Premiums in Washington, D.C.
"While the study’s comparisons and conclusions clearly demonstrate that homebuyers are willing to pay more for high-performance homes,

the multiple listing service, or MLS, does not adequately collect and showcase data on green features.

In addition, the market is in need of real estate professionals with knowledge of green building principles and practices in order to better market high-performance homes." 

Read more: What is Green Worth? Unveiling High-Performance Home Premiums in Washington, D.C.

Institute for Market Transformation


Why eco keyword searches don't work. 


Shopping for a home that already has solar panels is a smart energy choice.

But finding those homes using traditional real estate tools can be difficult.

Despite the fact that owning a solar system has been 
shown to increase the sticker price and sales speed of a property online real estate services may not have the information you need.

A keyword search may bring up solar-named streets, passive solar homes, and solar-heated pools, with solar-powered homes included in the mix.

You are unlikely to find important information such as when those panels were installed, how much energy they generate, or other details that would allow you to account for the value those solar panels add to the house. 

Real estate professionals and active house hunters rely on local databases called the multiple listing services, or MLSs, which have searchable information on properties for sale across the country. In addition to size, price, and location, MLSs have many details including flooring type, dates renovations were made, roofing types, and more. These details allow home buyers to compare features and understand the underlying costs of a home beyond the sticker price.

Most MLSs currently do not contain information on solar energy systems, which makes it difficult and time consuming for shoppers, appraisers, and real estate agents to appropriately value a solar home and compare it to others.

Read more: "Shopping for a Solar Home Made Easy — SunShot and the Future of Solar Home-Buying July 27, 2016 - 10:00am" Energy.gov