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  • How much are marketing services?

      You can find marketing details and prices here.

      For information about banner advertising and sponsorships, please contact us directly.  

  • How do I post a NEW listing, not yet on the site?

      • Click on “List Your Home” and follow the instructions to easily import the listing or add it manually. Many details and photos will be automatically uploaded. However some properties may need this information added manually. 

      Overview Add general information about the property including its price, size and address details. 

      Features & Details  The
      General category allows you to enter general details such as bedrooms, appliances, pool, elevator etc… The Eco category allows you to add details about energy efficiency, building materials, solar system information and much more. These are important details to select so that buyers can easily search and find in the results the many features that your property offers. 

      Gallery Add photos and upload documents.

      Map Double check the pin with the property’s actual location

      Activate Listing Here you can Activate the Listing or Deactivate it and Display with a Sold Status, if the listing has recently been sold or is off the market.

      Optional Marketing Allows you to choose online marking options to feature your listing, lift it up in the search results and more. We accept PayPal payment.

      If you have problems or need assistance with posting your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us


  • How do I market my EXISTING listing, not yet on the site?

       •Once you have logged in, click on your profile tab in the top right corner of the home page and select “My listings”


      •In the “My Listings” section, select the $ icon next to the listing that you’d like to add paid marketing services.

      •Select the paid services that you’d like for your listing and follow the simple PayPal payment instructions.


  • I received an email about my listing and account. How do I access them?

      Simply click on the “Access my account. Edit my listing or profile” link in the email to claim your account. You will receive an email with your new temporary password.

      Or click here to have a temporary password sent to your email.

      If you are still having issues, please contact us and we will help with your account access.

  • How do I CREATE AN ACCOUNT if I am a real estate agent, professional, company or individual?

      You can create an account by clicking on "Sign In" on the top right corner of the website. 

      In the pop-up box (pictured below), you have the option to create an account through your Facebook or Google+ account or with your email and a password.

      For real estate agents, companies or agencies, please be sure to register as “Company” or “Agent” to access all the benefits of your profile account type.

  • I forgot my password. 

      Click here to have a temporary password sent to your email associated with your existing account.

      If you do not already have an account created, please click on “Login/Sign up” on VivaGreenHomes.com

  • How do I add eco details to my listing?

      If your listing is already on the VivaGreenHomes site, log in and go to “My Listings”

      In the “My Listings” section, select the pencil icon next to the listing that you’d like to edit.

       Under the "Features and Details" section you will find selections in certifications and hundreds of eco options ranging from types of eco homes, construction, materials, alternative energy options and more. The more options you select, the easier it is for a user to search and find your listing.

      Remember to click "Save."